The Studio

Greetings, my name is Kay Bridge and I have been an artist for most of my life. I am a qualified Art teacher and I have been member of ‘The Painters of The Flinders Ranges’ and currently a member of the Pastel Society of Australia. I have exhibited my work from New York to Adelaide and people the world over have it hanging on their walls. 

My husband and I purchased Andelaine Farm in the mid 1980s, and have as you can see from this web site, begun to farm garlic and other organic produce. I have a studio here, and continue to produce paintings in acrylic, pastels. A future plan is to have artist retreats here, where I could tutor art classes. 

My preferred medium is pastel, and I love doing landscapes and portraits of people and animals. Below are photos of some of work that is brand new and some that is older.

You can drop me an email or find me on Facebook as  Kay Bridge Art. Or visit my webpage where I have the images you see here, many others and my CV.

© Kay Bridge 2017