The Workshop

Gidday, my name is Felix and I make stuff from previously used timber. For example, the end table is made from remaindered western red cedar wall panelling. It is only 9mm thick, and I have had to laminate pieces together to reach the required thickness and sometimes length for the project. The red cedar box is made from bits I have carved off a red cedar stump in one of my neighbours paddocks. The tallow wood box is made from an old fence post that I pulled up.

So you get the general idea, I make things out of whatever timber I can find. I will be making a chair soon, and a bench seat (just to see how they look), and when they’re done I’ll put up the photos. Despite the fact that I use old timber, the quality is good and I price my work accordingly (End table $400, Tallowwood box $70).

All my work is for sale, and I am happy to take commissions. As one of the owners of Andelaine Farm you can find me at the Armidale Farmers Market on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month. 

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